The perfect 'surprise' entertainment - BRAVO SINGING WAITERS & LOVE ACTUALLY

'BRAVO' - The 'SECRET' Singing Waiters  

Our professional singing team are superb and have been performing at weddings & corporate functions for over ten years.   The basic information below should give you an idea of what we do. We are happy, with enough notice, to include and perform your ‘favourite song’ in the act. If you have any 'special' requirements for your day please drop us a line, we just love to be creative and to make your day unique to you.
We usually perform our singing waiters act during the dessert course. You let us know how you would like us to surprise your guests and we will do our best to adapt. As well as singing waiters, we can appear as singing chefs, traffic wardens, security guards, policemen, you just think of it...and we will make it happen! 

EstNet Waiters Montage 

                 Usual format: 
  •  The ‘Singing Waiters' are kept a secret from your guests.
  •  They will wear the same uniforms as the reception staff
  •  During the dessert course music suddenly begins to play
  •  A Waiter or waitress bursts into song!
  •  Fellow waiters join in until the room is filled with song
  •  We involve all the guests in some ‘audience participation’ which gets  everyone on their feet and brings the house down!
  •  The ‘Singing Waiters’ perform for approx 25 - 30 min.
  •  Additional cabaret of songs can be added for further entertainment after the waiters 'set'

  • Popular Waiters - selection of pop songs and standards - ideal party entertainment
  • 'Swinging Waiters' - Rat Pack inspired set of 'swing' songs
  • Opera Waiters- performing all the popular arias and duets
  • Bravo Broadway - A Selection of popular West End & Broadway Musicals

       We are also very happy to put together bespoke sets of songs for themed     events.

You will find that 'BRAVO' Singing Waiters are very affordable. We have kept our rates very competitive and offer our clients real value for money. Call today for a quotation and see just how affordable this great form of entertainment can be..

The team at 'BRAVO' Singing Waiters are always happy to respond to client requirements and we are pleased to announce the following new options for 2018.
  • 4 Singing Waiters + 30 min additional cabaret performance
  • 3 Singing Waiters option
  • 2 Singing Waiters option
  • OPERA/Classical Singing Waiters option
  • The 'SWINGING' Waiters option (Rat Pack style)
  • Singing Firemen as well as Singing Police!
  • 'Gatsby' Waiters & Cabaret

    We offer a nationwide service and have recently performed in Aberdeen 'Edinburgh, Bodmin, Newquay,Swansea , Cardiff, Harrogate, Leeds, Norwich & Chelmsford....the four corners of the country! 

We now have singers based in Edinburgh & Glasgow to cover the increasing amount of bookings north of the border. We are appearing regularly in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Ayr & Glasgow. 

Due to demand we have recently auditioned a number of Welsh speaking singers who can welcome guests in the native tongue and can also perform traditional songs if required. This was certainly a requirement for a large corporate awards night at the prestigious Celtic Manor. The Bravo 'Wales' team rose to the occasion and delighted guests and organisers alike.