The perfect 'surprise' entertainment - BRAVO SINGING WAITERS & LOVE ACTUALLY
 'BRAVO' - Opera Singing Waiters  

Bravo singing waiters are blessed with some fine opera singers amongst their team of performers.

We are able to supply singers of the highest quality to perform at your function and can offer a comprehensive selection of popular arias and duets to suit all occasions.

EstNet Waiters Montage2Over the years we have assembled a programme of songs that really entertain and feature well know songs that we affectionately call our 'Popera' series. Your guests will instantly recognise each tune performed and nearly always join in!

Our most requested finale is the classic 'Nessun Dorma' and its certain the 'Non shall sleep' during this close to the act.

Bravo Opera waiters feature singers with many years of experience of performing with some of the countries top Opera companies. We pride ourselves that Bravo Opera Waiters are all round  performers who create a high energy performance that will be long remembered after the event.

Some of songs performed:
·         O Sole Mio
·         That’s Amore
·           Donna e mobile
·         All I ask of You
·         Toreador
·         Habanera ( Carmen)
·         I could have danced all night
·         O Mio Babbino Caro
·         Funiculì Funicula
·         I feel Pretty
·         Time to Say Good Bye
·         Non Piu Andrai ( Marriage of Figaro)
·         Largo al Factotum ( Barber of Saville)
·         On My Lips Every Kiss is Like Wine
·         Nessun Dorma